Live Sound Systems Engineer

Live sound systems engineers are responsible for tuning, optimizing, maintaining the sound systems used in live performances. Baba Arch has over 25 years and is renowned as one of St Catherines finest sound system engineers. Contact us today for professional first world service.

What Does a Live Sound Systems Engineer Do?

Although live sound mix engineers are highly lauded for their ability to control and improve the live music experience, even the best would be powerless without a live sound systems engineer. Part acoustician, part electrician, and all problem-solver, live sound systems engineers are leaders in touring sound crews, where they’re responsible for designing rigging and power configurations for sound equipment, optimizing safety and efficiency in the setup, creatively solving acoustic problems, and overseeing load-in and breakdown. 

While live sound systems engineers have a wide range of discrete responsibilities, all of their job duties come back to a core goal: to create an effective, safe, balanced, and efficient sound system, in the process providing mix engineers with the tools they need to create excellent sound.

As load-in commences, the systems engineer oversees a team that enacts the rigging design, which is based on the demands of the space and a desired sonic coverage. Once everything is rigged, the systems engineer works with electricians to ensure that power is distributed safely and efficiently to each piece of equipment. Then the systems engineer commences arguably the most important task: dealing with acoustic problems within the space.

Using sound-measuring software to get a sense of pressure levels throughout the space, systems engineers ensure that the audio system will be able to smoothly distribute high, mid, and low frequencies. They also determine and remove problematic resonant frequencies, address troublesome sound reflections (e.g. from a large TV screen hanging from the ceiling of an arena), and strategically position delayed loudspeakers.

Once these tasks are completed, the sound systems engineer is on call for the duration of the show, solving any sound problems that arise. At the end of the show, the systems engineer oversees breakdown and storage of all the sound equipment.

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