Live Stream

Utilising only the best technology and people, our live video streams have successfully delivered sporting events, brand experiences and messages to thousands of viewers.

We can work with your sound and camera team or provide our own to deliver stunning HD video across a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Livestream and our own content delivery network (CDN) . All of these can be embedded into your website.

Only the Best Technology

Playmaica stream team only ever employ leading network technologies and use our own satellite, bonded 4G lines and point to point solutions. This allows us to successfully stream video from anywhere in the world. We also have partners on our bonding network on every continent, so connectivity is never an issue.

We only use dedicated hardware, including 8 channel video/audio mixers, HD/SDI encoders and decoder solutions. All our equipment is mobile and we are able to rig it virtually anywhere.

Reliable and Stable in All Environments

As experts in connectivity, our live streams are backed up by class leading internet connectivity for full peace of mind, combined with best in class, fully redundant equipment from industry leading manufacturers.

Having successfully streamed bike races and world championship yachting, we are experts in delivering HD video on the move.

Comfortably Deliver to a Global Audience

Our streaming solutions are also completely scalable. We work with leading suppliers on the server side so you can be sure that your event will be securely delivered to your entire audience. With thousands of hours of successfully streamed content, we can ensure your event reaches people around the world, no matter where it’s taking place.

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